What is STEMM

Science Technology Engineering Maths and Medicine.

This combined industry is key to any country and currently there are many exciting opportunities available for those interested. Interestingly, UK’s Tech City is located between South Hackney and Liverpool Street Station (walking distance!)

What are we offering?

Many exciting opportunities for children an young people aged between 10 and 18.

We will have a STEMM ambassador talk about the industry and its opportunities. Visit various labs and centres to get a real understanding of STEMM. We will also build and programme robots – yey!

Trips you say...?

Yep and many of them to ensure everyone has a chance to go.

  • Learn about the amazing molecule that makes us who we are by extracting your DNA and locking it in a necklace to take home
  • Be inspired by the state of the art lab facilities at the Queen Mary, University of London Engineering Labs
  • Are there Aliens? We’ll soon find out as we programme a LEGO Mars Rover to search through a Mars landscape looking for Mars soil to bring back for testing
  • What about exploring Chemistry by developing your very own shampoo or bath bomb and compare it to commercial brands
  • Why not stargaze at the London Observatory with a tour of the centre followed by a tour of Space
  • For those that just find the world is too small for them, we have arranged to visit the National Space Centre for a Intergalactic Space Mission

What’s the Price?

It is completely free – although, a thank you would be appreciated…

YOH has joined forces with Young Hackney to cover the costs of bringing this project to life

When is it?

We are registering the first five groups to take place on:

  • Group 1: 7th July
  • Group 2: 10th July
  • Group 3: 11th July
  • Group 4: 12th July
  • Group 5: 21st July

Places are limited so please sign up early to avoid disappointment

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Drake Poster
9 replies
  1. Ergel
    Ergel says:

    Hi all,

    Any questions, please post here and one of the team will try to answer asap. Please do not leave any personal info here. You can email us directly at info@yoh.org.uk


    • Ergel
      Ergel says:

      Hi Mike,
      The robot could be anything you want. The session leader may set an objective, for example, who’s robot is the fastest in a 3m race. You/your group will need to consider things like aerodynamics, power, weight and traction whilst designing the robot.
      Hope that helps


  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Are the three workshops taking place on the date listed in the “When is it” tab? Do I need to pick three dates?

    • Ergel
      Ergel says:

      Hey Sarah,
      The dates listed are for the Lab Visit only – the day we go out to take part in experiments in a science lab. There will also be separate workshops to build robots and meeting ambassadors from industry. The dates for these are not listed to avoid confusion but you will of course get these when you register.

      Hope that answers your question


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