Boys & Young Men

Funded by Global Fund for Children and National Lottery players to support boys and young men. Partners in this initiative have created spaces for boys and young men to develop emotional literacy, strengthen intimacy and connection in their relationships, break down gender stereotypes, and embrace more equitable attitudes and behaviours.

Furthermore, we are promoting the role of children and youth as political and social change agents within their families and communities through a paid Youth Panel.

To achieve this, other local organisations were engaged in advancing gender justice using approaches based on respect, equity, and human rights by:

  • Creating safe spaces for boys and young men to open up new conversations, reflect together on healthy emotional development and relationships, and engage with others in their communities.
  • Putting youth in the lead to design program activities and implement their own vision for change across England.
  • Strengthening networks for advocacy and learning by uniting local organisations working with boys and young men, creating opportunities to tackle shared issues together from diverse perspectives, and working together toward positive social change.

Part of our work involved interviewing gangs members and victims and placing their experiences within the context of psychological studies and police statistics.

Key findings included the link between trauma and perpetrator, traditional masculinity and gang membership and control. These findings helped us understand the untold journeys boys and young men go through and the key areas where their decisions have a weighted influence on their path moving forward.

These findings will help shape our future project plans and ensure staff know how to spot signs and responds appropriately.


  • 26 Videos Studied

  • 21 Gang members interviewed

  • 7 Gangs Engaged

  • 5 Research papers analysed


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