YOH Top Rated by Hackney

YOH got full marks from Hackney’s inspection

[slider id=”529″][blockquote]We have so much fun here. Everyone knows this place. Its like a family and I come here everyday[/blockquote]

Results from Young Hackney Inspection

YOH provides both detached and centre based youth activities and was subject to both open and closed inspections. These inspections took place on 28 August and 16 September 2014 respectively. Four youth inspectors inspected this provision and observed 5 males and 6 members of staff onsite at the time of the open inspection.

This provision was scored a Green rating.


When the youth inspector asked the young people what they would want to change about the provision, one responded:

‘nothing, it’s sick, we have so much fun here. Everyone knows this place. Its like a family and I come here everyday’

The youth inspectors noted that the young people felt that they came to make new friends, feel close to the community and to meet new people. They also felt their opinions were listened to, for instance the creation of a new football team.

The youth inspectors listed many activities that are provided which young people enjoy including table tennis, PS4, hide and seek, Wii, ICT, sports days and football.
The inspectors were impressed with the dance studio and believed that the number of pictures on display demonstrated the wide variety of activities on offer such as dancing and football.

The youth inspectors felt that the youth workers were welcome and supportive as well as friendly, encouraging and respectful. Inspectors observed a large group of young people outside the club who had been in sessions that day. This showed that sessions are popular and that young people are free to make their own choices on hanging around after sessions.

Areas for improvement

  • The outside of the building needs a big YOH sign
  • Need more activities for girls
  • Timetable needs to up put up
  • Need a sign to show the hearing loop system
    Need posters in Braille
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