Hackney Youth Parliament Candidates Debate @ YOH

As you already know, the Hackney Youth Parliament has kicked off and candidates are keen to ensure young people know and understand their manifestos

The new Parliament will be made up of 28 representatives from two Hackney constituencies, Hackney North and Hackney South, together with members from specialist forums (young people with disabilities, LGBT forums, Young Carers and Looked-after Children).

The result will be announced at a special Mayoral Q&A at Young Hackney Forest Road, 29 Forest Road, E8 3BY on 15 October between 3.00 – 6.00pm. Young people from your club are encouraged to attend, but places are limited. To book your place, contact Tom Sheppard 020 8356 7650 tom.sheppard@hackney.gov.uk

Download the full manifesto booklet here:
Candidate Brochure

On Thursday, candidates for Hackney South will come down to YOH to talk about their ambitions for Hackney young people and answer any questions

Ella Cox

I am running for Hackney Youth Parliament
because I believe that we need to ensure
everyone feels safe both within their identities
and the Hackney community.
Should you elect me, I wish to campaign to
raise awareness of issues such as expelling
rape culture, which is when rape is normalised,
causing victim blaming, sexual objectification
and sexual offences.
I want to make young people conscious of the
opportunities that exist, so they can realise
their passions and gain skills relevant to
getting jobs.
I want to campaign for acceptance of the
LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,
questioning or other) community and much
We sculpt the future, so let’s create one
thriving with acceptance and opportunity.

Nia John

I want to stand for Parliament because I want
to get young people into youth clubs, and give
them something to do rather than join gangs.
The activities I do at youth clubs are helping
me to see my potential and follow my dreams.
I want young people to use youth clubs to
develop their talents and see the potential
they have. It is easier and better to do this in
a youth club, because they can work with their
peers; gain social skills and confidence and
make friends.

Edmund Ross

I am standing because we need positive
If I were elected, I would support many of
the well-established campaigns for youth
out there, for example, getting the voting
age lowered to 16, and combating youth
unemployment in our community.
I would also help upcoming charities such as
On That Point (a debate charity designed to
combat the problems with popular culture).
On a more international level, I would support
campaigns such as a permanent solution to
the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Mehmet Zencirkiran

We all have our own problems and concerns
but we are always able to change them
around. With a little bit of help from ME and
the Youth Parliament we can change things
We can add new rules and change them, we
can make our own positive decisions, we can
get a better education, we can have more fun.
All of you can be happier than ever, the
problems and concerns can be changed if it is
right, we can spread the word HACKNEY from
negative to positive as a community.
As a team we all have rights and we should
use them.
It’s all in your hands.
It’s under your control so all you have to do is
vote for me. I’m Mehmet and thank you for
taking time to read this.

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