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Some Youth Club Highlights

Boys & Young Men Youth Project Feature PictureYOH

STEM - Hackney

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths free activities for children and young people in Hackney and London
Youth unemployment - Medical: Young people visiting the NHS training centre to learn about opportunities in the Medical SectorYOH

Youth Unemployment - Keep it Moving

Reducing youth unemployment in North and East London through a network of youth club projects targeting NEET young people.
Gangs crime scene Tower HamletsYOH

Gangs Tower Hamlets - Rethink!

Funded by the East End Community Foundation to make a sustainable change to youth unemployment by targeting young people from households with intergeneration worklessness, developing their skills and supporting them into EET. To achieve this, we used football as a vehicle to engage and develop young people between the ages of 14 and 19, associated with a gang.
Boys & Young Men Youth Project Feature PictureYOH

Boys and Young Men

Boys and Young Men Youth Project created spaces to develop emotional literacy, strengthen intimacy and connection in their relationships, break down gender stereotypes, and embrace more equitable attitudes and behaviours. Funded by Global Fund for Children and National Lottery players.